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Ministry of Social Development celebrates Omani Women’s Day

Dedicating a day to celebrate Omani women’s accomplishment shows the whole world that men and women work together without any discrimination in shaping Oman’s future. The Omani Women’s Day, is an honour given to the women of the country by His Majesty the Sultan as an appreciation for all the achievements and values Omani women bring to the country. Omani Women’s Day helps to showcase the milestone they have achieved and also to show that Omani women are empowered and confident enough in setting new benchmarks. The Ministry of Social Development honoured its female staff during a celebration organised in “Dar al Tofoola Centre” in al Khoudh recently.

The celebration, which was under the auspices of Dr Aida al Hajri, a former consultant in the under-secretary’s office in the Ministry, consisted of many joyful activities. Samira al Shihani, Head of Disability Rehabilitation Centre, spoke about Omani women’s achievements. “Despite all challenges and obstacles that Omani women faced, she was able to promote her abilities and score many goals. Now, she has a place among decision-makers, holds top positions and engaged in different work fields”, she commented. She also talked about the most important gains achieved like being a member of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

Addressing the Ministry’s female attendees, Al Shihani said, “Social development field is the basic axis of which all women’s statues are based on. This kind of general social background gives meaning to all social interaction, society patterns, and common culture and understanding. The society never forgets human attitude served by you in order to make more improvement and development”. His Majesty Sultan Qaboos has repeatedly called upon women citizens to offer their full support to the continuing development of their country and has often described them as “Half of Oman’s potential”. Royal Directives to celebrate October 17 as ‘Omani Women’s Day’, reflect His Majesty’s belief in the importance of the role of the Omani women and their inputs to the evolution of society.

Women in Oman have responded well to the state’s encouragement. They made their presence felt in a constructive manner. They aspire to achieve big, work hard and usually remain focused in spite of many inherent limitations. Many Omani women are taking up professions that have traditionally been dominated by men. Omani women are contributing as aviation pilots, heavy vehicle driving instructors, taxi drivers, public prosecutors, petroleum sector professionals and ministers. The celebration at the Social Development Ministry included display of two videos showing two different women’s experiences in work field. Then a discussion session held with the patron of the ceremony sharing her experience with the attendees. In the end, the patron honoured the Ministry’s female staff expressing appreciation for their efforts and devotion to work.

Oman Observer - 02, Nov 2013